Veldian / Turian

All about the term veldian/turian. By @kenochoric.

What the heck is veldian?

Veldian, also known as turian, is a term for gay mlm/nlm, or gay attraction to men. It is equivalent to how lesbian is used for wlw/nlw, and is just as varied as that term is.

Veldian is a fully inclusive label that includes all gay men and nonbinary people. Nonbinary people are not an afterthought for this term; they are just as welcome into it as men are.

Veldian refers to veldts, which are grassy plains filled with sunlight; it is meant to be a more symbolic connection to being gay. Turian on the other hand is a direct nod to Alan Turing. Two labels were created so that both people who wanted a term connected to a figure and people who didn't could have a term for them.


About the term:

  1. Do the terms have different meanings?: Nope! Both mean the same thing. One just has a tie to a historical figure, and one is more broad. Some people don't like terms with a direct connection to a person, while others feel it's necessary, so I did both!

  2. Which term should I default to? Should I include both?: You can include both if you want to, but if you're just going to use one in an informational post, veldian may be the better option due to its broad nature. (Turian also has another meaning when not used in context; there's an alien species with the same name in Mass Effect.)

  3. Can I use these terms while using another flag?: Absolutely! You don't have to use both at the same time unless you identify with both.

  4. Does veldian mean queer attraction to men? Nonwomen attracted to nonwomen? Etc?: It can mean any of these things! Veldian is just as varied as lesbian is.

  5. Is veldian equivalent to WLW/NLW terms like faunic, daunic, etc. instead of lesbian?: Nope! It is equivalent to just one thing: Lesbian!

  6. How is this different from vincian?: Veldian would be considered under vincian; the term vincian includes gay men, but it is not exclusive to them, as the term means "MLM" rather than gay specifically. Veldian is specific to those who consider themselves gay men, or adjacent to that.

About the flag:

  1. Can I edit the flag?: Yes! Just provide credit if you're posting it.

  2. What was the inspiration for the flag?: Both sunny fields/meadows and the aurora lesbian flag!

  3. Can I use the flag, but just call myself a gay man?: Of course!

  4. What is the default flag?: The one you see in the background, and on the home page of this Carrd.

About inclusion:

  1. Can I use this even if I'm nonbinary, genderfluid, etc...: Yes! If you feel the term fits you, go for it.

  2. Is this for all MLM, or gay people?: This term is equivalent to what "lesbian" is for wlw/nlw. It is specific to gay men and those who are adjacent to that, like gay nonbinary people and the like. Some may also call it "gay attraction to men". If one were to call themselves a "bi veldian," for instance, that would be the same kind of thing as calling yourself a bi lesbian.

  3. Is there anyone who can't use your flag?: Ultimately, even if I wanted to bar some people from it, I do not want this label to have strict rules outside of its definition. I am no tyrant. There is no dictator that controls the lesbian label, and I have no intention of doing that with veldian either. I will say however that I am in no way an exclusionist; this flag was intentionally made to be inclusive, just like the aurora lesbian flag is.

Veldian Flags

Tried and true, classic veldian/turian flag. Found on the coining post.

The lavenian flag; lavenian is a term for veldians/turians that are also gender non-conforming (GNC)! Found on the coining post.

The "original" or planned veldian flag I had made, before the official one.
Found here.

A veldian-style flag based off of the colors of the ocean / wintergreen / "toothpaste" gay man flag.
Found here.

Violaen, or violae veldian. You can read about it here. TLDR, it's veldians with exclusive attraction.

A 7-striped veldian flag. Found here.