All about Veldian / Turian

made by @kenochoric

What is veldian?

Veldian, also known as turian, is a term for gay mlm/nlm. It is equivalent to how lesbian is used for wlw.

Veldian is a fully inclusive label that includes all gay men and nonbinary people. Nonbinary people are not an afterthought for this term; they are just as welcome into it as gay men are.

Veldian refers to veldts, which are grassy plains filled with sunlight; it is meant to be a more symbolic connection to being gay. Turian on the other hand is a direct nod to Alan Turing. Two labels were created so that both people who wanted a term connected to a figure and people who didn't could have a term for them.


Frequently asked questions

This is a list of categories that have frequently asked questions in them! Feel free to read through them. (Also, since it doesn't really fit in a category: yes, you can use veldian elsewhere, make posts about it, edits, etc. etc. so long as you provide credit.)


Term FAQ

Questions about the terms veldian and turian!

1.) Do the terms have different meanings?
Nope! Both mean the same thing. One just has a tie to a historical figure, and one is more broad. Some people don't like terms with a direct connection to a person, while others feel it's necessary, so I did both!

2.) Which term should I default to? Should I include both?
You can include both if you want to, but if you're just going to use one in an informational post, veldian may be the better option due to its broad nature. (Turian also has another meaning when not used in context; there's an alien species with the same name in Mass Effect.)

3.) Can I use these terms while using another flag?
Absolutely! You don't have to use both at the same time unless you identify with both.

Flag FAQ

Questions about the veldian flag!

1.) Can I edit the flag?
With credit, sure!

2.) What was the inspiration for the flag?
I wanted to make a flag similar to the aurora lesbian flag! I also based it off of a sunny field (going from sunset to grass to water.)

3.) Can I use this flag but just call myself a gay man?
Of course!

Inclusion FAQ

Questions about the inclusivity of veldian!

1.) Can I use this even if I'm bigender/genderfluid/etc...
Yes. This term doesn't have a "you must be this nonbinary to enter" sign at the front of it. If you identify with veldian, you can use it. This includes people who are multigender, xenic, etc.

2.) Is this term specifically for gay people, or is it all mlm/nlm?
This term is equivalent to lesbian, not sapphic (that would be vincian). Bisexual, pansexual, and other orientations under mlm/nlm do not inherently fit under veldian, just like bisexual and pansexual do not inherently fall under lesbian. That does not mean you can't use the term, however. "Bi veldian" would basically be the equivalent to "bi lesbian," and it's up to you to decide if you want to ID that way.

3.) Are there any groups that can't use your flag?
First and foremost; I can't really stop anyone from using this term, even if I don't personally like them. Besides that though, the only people who I legitimately don't support under this flag are reactionaries, transphobes, and exclusionists. Again- can't really stop them, but this term is 100% inclusive of nonbinary, trans, aspec, etc. veldians.